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Mueller Mechanical


Complete Transformation of Brand
& Creation of 2 Divisions


The Problem

Despite its establishment in 1981 and the subsequent development of a solid reputation, the company had yet to realize its full potential. Its online presence was notably lacking, with minimal web visibility and a subpar brand presentation. The primary objective became the establishment of a fresh brand identity and achieving prominent visibility on leading search engines, notably Google.


What we did

  • First, we completed an SEO audit of the existing website.
  • The audit revealed that the site required a complete rebuild with a new platform and structure.
  • We conducted keyword research and implemented a new website plan based on our findings and the client objectives.
  • We built them a custom, premium website database functionality that allows them to easily add, modify or delete products.
  • Before we started link building, we focused on content creation and social media.
  • We publish 4 blog posts and 4 social media post per month
  • We also implemented a newsletter campaign, which has proven to be extremely successful generating early seasonal sales.

The Results

  • We grew their organic traffic by over 320%
  • We got them to page 1 of Google for all their keywords
  • We generated more leads in 1 year than they got the first 10 years.

Client Reivew

When I first met Antonio, I felt his knowledge and advice was very sound, not only did he and his team transform our business but they changed how we see marketing.

We used to do a lot of Yellow Page advertising, he told me we can get way more business online.

For the past several years our business has grown tremendously, and we could not be happier with the results, this year we decided to revamp and redesign our website. Not only did he exceed our expectations, but we grew our business even more! If you don't think this works, guess again!

I strongly recommend him and his team if you want to truly transform your business.


Don Bremner
Pickering, ON


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